Guests are encouraged to explore the bush on foot, along our clearly marked game roads and trails. Guests who would prefer to participate in a game drive of around 2 hours, can make arrangements at Reception.

Activities include:


Game Drives

We have a Hide in the bush not far from the Lodge for you to sit & relax while you watch the animals

Our animals enjoy their own treats in the Animal Dining Room


Bring your Bicycles along and take a ride through the bush.

When the heat of the day becomes too much, enjoy a refreshing dip in our pool.


Lawn Chess


Kids Activities:

Special short walks can be arranged, where we will inevitably find an ant's nest, probably some lizards, maybe a beetle or two & possibly even a scorpion.

We have a jungle gym complete with swings, a slide, rope ladder, etc.

Bring your kiddies bikes along or make use of the kiddies push bikes we have available at the Lodge.

Beautiful trampoline for your kiddies to enjoy.


Our bird life is prolific, with over 200 different types of birds having been spotted in the vicinity. These include barn and pearl spotted owls, secretary birds, hamerkop, hoepoe, red crested korhaan, woodland king fisher, yellow billed and grey hornbills, guinea fowl and varieties of Frankolin to name a few.

Examples of wild life that call WagonDrift their home are Blesbuck, Bush babies, Caracal, Civets, Duiker, Fish (Carp and Tilapia), Genets, Hares, Honey badgers, Impala, Jackal, Kudu, Leopard tortoises, Mongooses, Porcupines, Red hartebeest, Scorpions, Snakes (including, Boomslang, Cobras, File snakes, Puff adders, Pythons), Spiders (variety depending on seasons), Steenbuck, Terrapin, Warthogs, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Wild boar, and Zebra.